Swiftspace Folding Wall


Use the Swiftspace mobile wall system to create privacy in seconds with not tools. The wall system features a series of walls on casters connected by hinges . If configured properly the entire wall can be folded up and moved to the side for easy storage. All you need to do is to give us the size of the area and we will do the rest.


The frame is made from anodized aluminium with laminate, whiteboard, or fabric covered insert panels in the middle. The casters are 2.5″ in diameter with grey rubber wheels that swivel and lock. Each wall is joined together with heavy duty grey steel hinges. The panels are available in all of the standard Swiftspace finishes.


The walls are available in 6″ width increments starting at 18″ and ending at 48″ and in both 60″ and 72″ heights. The inserts can be laminate. whiteboard, or fabric covered.

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